History Corner March 2022

MARCH 1922

Mr. Oswald, one of the world’s champion typists, showed the pupils how to gain speed and accuracy.  He typed 136 words a minute.  He then gave the pupils a chance to ask him questions while he was typing.  He answered them and typed 133 words per minute without a mistake.  His secret for his speed is; first undertake “cold-blooded” hard work, then carefully analyze your finger movement, and finally acquire a certain rhythmic swing. He was representing the Underwood Typewriter Co.  He expects to take part in this year’s national contest.

Miss Burroughs, Analy typing teacher, has formed two teams who will type against each other in an elimination series and the three best will represent the school at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium in March.  Team captains are Joe Thomas and Helen Harrison.  No mention of their results was in the paper.

MARCH 1947

In the face of choppy and broken streets and at least a year and a half of inactivity by the railroad caused the council to vote to instruct the city attorney to correspond with the railroad company to secure action along the right-of-way here.  The franchise agreement, granted in 1918, required the railroad company to keep its Main Street right-of-way in a state of repair to be able to continue its right-of-way.  The poor condition of the P&SR roadbed has been a bone of contention here for several years, with only spasmodic repair work being accomplished to change the present condition of the road.  Workmen have repaired several portions of the roadbed from time to time, to only have them reappear shortly thereafter.

April, May and June 1947 brought the slow response to the road issue, but the Railway engineer finally agreed that the right-of-way was not in proper condition and patching of the road took place in August.

MARCH 1972

The zany antics of the Harlem Clowns and the flawless basketball playing of the Faculty Fatsos provided 700 persons with enough laughs to last for quite a spell, Saturday night at the high school gym.  Members of the Fatsos included Pete Mari, Bill Hellums, Chip Castleberry, Dave Ashworth, Mike King, and Russ Reade.  Highlights of the event were the antics played on the referees and also on the faculty.  Chip was referred to as “Shorty” and was guarded by a 6’7” Clown who kept calling to his teammates, “Watch the other guys, I’ll guard Shorty.”  The Clowns could have scored at will against the faculty.  However, to provide more laughs for spectators, they scored points for the faculty and kept the game within limits.  The final score was 57-51.  Arrangements for the event were the hands of Bill Hellums, and sponsored by the Analy Block A Society in an effort to raise funds to purchase equipment for the gymnasium.  Admission was $2 for adults, $1.50 for students, and children under 12, $1.