Video Tour

A video walkthrough of the historic Luther Burbank Experiment farm in Sebastopol, California

Related video chapters:

  • Barn and Nursery: reconstruction of the barn and nursery for plant propagation
  • Burbank’s life and history: Luther Burbank’s life and plant breeding technique
  • Paradox Walnut: A living example of Burbank’s work
  • Restoration: A community-based effort to restore the unique botanic location in Sebastopol
  • Cottage: The foreman’s dwelling at the farm
  • Arbor: Burbank’s grapes, fruit trees, and an arbor to rest
  • Fences: Protective barriers against deer, and for keeping Burbank’s work secure
  • Lilac, Quince, Cherry: Remains of Burbank’s legacy that are still visible at the farm
  • Amarcrinum: One of Burbank’s creations in the lily family
  • Daisies and Roses: Some of Burbank’s most famous plants