History Corner December 2022


Sebastopol’s first community Christmas tree program begins at Lincoln Hall with a program put on by the Analy Union High School.  Santa Claus will arrive at the hall and escort children to his home, where he will give out packages.  A large tree is erected at the corner of Santa Rosa and Petaluma Avenue.  The Analy Service Station will be secured as a house for Santa Claus.  Music around the tree by the Sebastopol Band with community singing of Christmas carols will be led by a selected quartet.  Financial assistance was given by the American Legion, Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, Royal Arch Masons, Spring Hill Community Club, Native Sons, Native Daughters, Sebastopol Grange, and the Chamber of Commerce.  The American Legion is giving a dance and the proceeds are to be used for the tree.

The Sebastopol Band is donating its services.  This will be the first public appearance of the newly organized local band.  PG&E is assisting in the wiring of the tree for the electric lights and donating the current used for lighting.


Sebastopol’s newest business is located in the remodeled Ford Garage on No. Main Street, and will hold its grand opening of the Sebastopol Modern Appliance and Plumbing Company. The owners Maury Murray and Dave Collins have installed hot and cold running water and 110 & 220 volt outlets throughout their display kitchens, bathroom and laundry, all displays in these sections will be operative.  Patrons are invited to come and witness this display, and to try out any of our features.  Bring your laundry and test out automatic equipment right on the premises.   This is the second major new store opening here in two weeks, the Sprouse-Reitz Store having opened next door.


Sebastopol bids a nostalgic farewell to Wohler’s general dry goods store at the end of this year.  The 60-year-old establishment was started by Mr. T. F. Wohler, father of Earle Wohler, a resident here since 1911.  Mr. Wohler opened his first store in 1880 in Santa Cruz.  His second opened after a few years in Salinas.  His third stores were opened at Chico and Marysville, and a fourth on Mission Street in San Francisco.

In 1911, Mr. Wohler moved to Sebastopol, and a general merchandise store was opened in 1912 in the Robinson Building on So Main Street.  As business improved he moved to larger quarters on Santa Rosa Ave in the A. B. Swain Building, and later to 141 No. Main Street.  Old timers will remember the store was called “The Fair.”

In 1921 Mr. Earle Wohler entered the business with his father and added a radio repair and sales department.  Upon the death of T. F. Wohler in 1945 the store was managed by Mrs. Earl Wohler.  In 1957 the business and property was turned over to Mr. & Mrs. Wohler’s son-in-law Wyatt Urton.  In 1972, Urton reported “the building will eventually have to be torn down as it does not come up to present day building codes,”  Wyatt will continue to live in the Sebastopol area, and will continue with his square dance calling and teaching in the Redwood Empire.